Troubleshooting Ice Maker Issues in Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI and CL)

Effective Solutions for Ice Maker Problems in Classic Series Refrigerators
Owners of Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI and CL) refrigerators might encounter issues with their ice makers, such as no ice production or the ice maker not cycling. This comprehensive guide provides steps to troubleshoot and resolve these common issues.

Reviewing Controls and Settings for Optimal Performance

  • Initial Steps: After turning on the ice maker, wait 24 hours for ice production. Check the display for ice maker status and ensure the freezer temperature is at or below 5°F.
  • Temperature Settings: For optimal ice maker performance, maintain a freezer temperature of 0°F.

Inspecting Water Line and Filter for Smooth Operation

  • Filter Maintenance: Regularly change the water filter and reset it after replacement.
  • Water Supply Check: Ensure good water pressure and that the supply to the unit is on. For homes with reverse osmosis systems, consider a pressure booster for better performance.

Detailed Ice Maker Inspection and Maintenance

  • Checking the Shut-off Arm: Ensure the ice maker shut-off arm is in the down position and free of obstructions.
  • Ice Bin and Fill Tube Inspection: Verify that the ice bin is correctly installed and the fill tube isn’t frozen.
  • Resetting the System: If a single ice cube flashes on the control panel, reset the system using the ALARM and Max Ice keys.

If ice production doesn’t resume after 24 hours or you encounter persistent issues, expert assistance is recommended. Contact Sub Zero Repair Service at to schedule an appointment. Our team specializes in diagnosing and repairing Sub-Zero appliances, ensuring your refrigerator runs efficiently.

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