How to Operate the Ice Maker in Sub-Zero Legacy Classic Series (BI)

Navigating the Ice Maker Functions on the Classic Series (BI) Control Panel
Managing the ice maker in your Sub-Zero Legacy Classic Series (BI) refrigerator is straightforward with the intuitive control panel.

Activating or Deactivating the Ice Maker

  • Operation: Touch the Ice Maker key on the control panel to toggle the ice maker on or off. A single ice cube icon will illuminate when active.

  • Vacation Tip: Before extended absences, turn off the ice maker and then the home water supply to prevent issues.

Understanding the Ice Maker Icon on Your Control Panel

  • Icon Guide: The single ice cube icon indicates the active status of the ice maker.

  • Water Supply: Turning off the ice maker does not cease the water supply. Use the shut-off valve as per the Sub-Zero Water Line Shut-Off Valve Location instructions.

Ready for a worry-free vacation? Ensure your Sub-Zero BI ice maker and water supply are properly turned off. Need assistance or have concerns? Reach out to us at to secure your home's appliance needs before you travel.

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