Tips, Tricks and Tutorials on How to Fix Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator.

Mission Statement:

There is no comprehensive guide on how to fix your Sub-Zero refrigerator. There are many thousands of these units in service across the world. There are little bits of information around the web, even the Sub-Zero official website does not offer a comprehensive guide beyond very basic consumer level issues. On this website you will learn how to find out what is wrong with your machine, perhaps even fix it using Factory Authorized Parts bought from your Sub-Zero parts distributor. The information we will discuss on this website comes from a private technician that has worked in the field for over 20 years, it is not related to the Sub-Zero & Wolf brand in anyway. Please exercise extreme caution when working on your machine by unplugging it from electricity when working on it. If you are unsure at any point of your ability to properly work on your unit, stop and call a service provider. If you are located in the Tri-State New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area, call us to handle your repair.

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General Maintenance

If you have come here looking to fix your Sub-Zero, we must first rule out the possibility of the issue being maintenance related. Almost all mechanical failures stem from neglecting the routine condenser cleanings that all refrigerators require. Neglecting your annual maintenance causes inefficiency, longer run times, overheating and eventual failures to critical system components. Let us start by identifying your condenser and beginning the cleaning process.

Step One: Identify your Model Number

On the interior of your Sub-Zero unit there will be a Sticker which displays the Model number. Once you have identified the model number you will be able to accurately navigate your Sub-Zero by following our guide. The model sticker will look like the photo posted to the right. It can be found in different places on different units, but the sticker and information is always the same. We want to know what the model number so that we can accurately find our condenser for cleaning. It is also important to know the model number when calling for service, as it is relevant information for any technician prior to arrival at your home.

500/600/BI Series- Top over bottom: Found on the refrigerator door frame up by the hinge.

500/600/BI Series- Side by Side: Found on the door frame inside the freezer upper left corner.

700 Series/IC units- Open top drawer of freezer, look on left side above door track.

Model Number Photo

Step Two: Locate & Remove The Grill to Expose Your Condenser For Cleaning

Pretty self explanatory, you probably look at the grill to your mechanical shelf every single day. On most units it is located on top of the doors while others hide the grill underneath the bottom drawers nearest the floor.

For most 500 & 600 series units the grill will be located above the unit. To remove the grill first remove any screws which may be holding it in from the upper door frame. Simply open your refrigerator door and look up, you will see screws in the door frame. Some units may not have any screws. Remove the grate by pulling it towards you and removing any hooks (either 1 or 2) which are attached. This will free the cover to be pulled up and out. Once the mechanical shelf is exposed the Condenser will be located on the right side. If the unit has not been maintained the condenser may have a layer of dust covering it.

On many other units such as the 700 series, the mechanical shelf will be located below the unit. The grate which covers it can be removed by first removing the lower most drawer and unscrewing the four screws holding the kickplate. Your Condenser will be on the right side.

For newer units such as the BI series. the grate is held opened and closed by spring loaded hinges. In order to reveal the mechanical shelf simply lift the cover up with a small degree of force. The cover should stay in place once opened fully, but if it doesn’t stay open try to prop it up with a long screw driver or something similar.